Testing services


In addition to the official certifications, we offer to do any other testing on your product.

CCBI4A self certification

It is required to run a self certification process after completing the Chromecast integration on your product in addition to the multi-room certification done by us.
The required information for this process will usually be provided by your system integrator.
We offer to do these tests (manual and automated CRT, ...) for you.

GVA self certification

If your product uses the Google voice assistant, we offer to do the required self certification tests (WER, AER, Google setup, ...) as well.

Pre-testing and debugging support

In some cases it might make sense to run a subset of tests or a smoke test run before attempting one of our official certification test runs.
We can do this for you and will provide you with detailed information on how your products are doing.
If any errors occur, we can help you with debugging on the actual site of the certification run.


Services listed on this page are being charged on actual costs (effort-based, fixed hourly rate).
Details on Google's self certification tests can be found on the Chromecast partner portal (restricted access).
For more information please contact us via welcome@soundcertificate.com.