Assistant Readiness Test (ART)


ART Certification

Integrating the Google Voice Assistant (GVA) into a product requires the Assistant Readiness Test to be performed by an official ART lab. SoundCertificate is officially accredited to perform ART certifications.

As a self-test Lab for GVA, device makers can work directly with us and utilize our lab for your final GVA built-in product.

About Assistant Readiness Test

ART is a suite of tests designed to certify Assistant functionality for devices that integrate the Google Assistant. To be certified as an Assistant Ready device, your device must pass the speech testing requirement.

Our SoundLab allows for the following testing capabilities:

  • Far field tests
  • Acoustic tuning and debugging.

More information can be found on the Google developer portal.

Applying for testing services at SoundCertificate

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