Chromecast built inCast Readiness Test (CRT)

Integrating Chromecast built-in into a product requires the Cast Readiness Tests (CRT). SoundCertificate is officially accredited to perform official CRT tests. The following procedures are required when integrating Chromecast built-in for audio into a product:

  • CRT self test
  • CRT certification test at an accredited lab. 

Self certification may also be out-sourced to SoundCertificate.

CRT certification steps

  • Apply for a certification run ahead of time
  • A test run is scheduled
  • Provide samples to SoundCertificate on time
  • Provide Google with CRT self test reports (alternatively, SoundCertificate can also provide self tests)
  • SoundCertificate provides feedback within three weeks

If any issues occurr, a re-test needs to be scheduled.

Applying for a certification run

Send your filled in application form and any questions to:

The application form and other documents relevant to the certification process can be found here: Downloads

About Chromecast built-in

"Chromecast built-in speakers let you instantly stream your favorite music, radio, or podcasts from your mobile device to your speakers."
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